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So the next Dragon Ball Z movie (Battle of Gods) will feature a new supposedly final Super Saiyan form known as Super Saiyan God. Note that this movie takes place before GT and this new form pretty much writes out SS4. It's kind of silly that a new form is going to be added, but just the sound of something like Super

well i can't give you a cheap method of playing on a laptop, but I used to have an external tv tuner. It had coaxial and component inputs and plugged in through the usb, so I could watch tv and play games on my laptop's screen. I paid around $30 for mine, but can't remember the name.

No word on Ni no Kuni Wizard Edition being shipped yet. From what I gather on other forums, most people who ordered the Wizard Edition are either frustated at the lack of updates on the order or have been had their orders cancelled due to bad customer support.

Anybody trying out FF: All the Bravest? Was going to buy it before player reviews informed me that it's a pretty shallow game with a freemium model (even though the game itself costs money). Wondering if it's still worth a buy.